• About Us

  • Dan McIntire

    Sr. Loan Officer - NMLS #300900

    (916)276-3324 - Dan.McIntire@FairwayMC.com

    Having been in the mortgage business since 2002, I can tell you that my “typical” customer is totally atypical. And that’s because each Client has a unique scenario, unique goals, unique abilities, and unique needs. The privilege of my job is that I get to know my Clients! Only then can I guide and advise in a manner that best serves them.

  • Sherene Gray

    Sr. Loan Officer - NMLS #302159

    (916)798-8026 - Sherene.Gray@FairwayMC.com

    My mission is to provide our clients with the tools and clarity to select a mortgage plan that is truly tailored to fit within their family’s financial goals. My philosophy is that every client is a client for life. We do not operate transactionally, but rather with the mindset that we are here to serve your mortgage needs for the rest of your life.